Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More than just arachniphobia!

Most girls are scared of bugs, or at least spiders. I am quickly learning that Alex's fear goes far beyond the norm... or at least beyond what I expected from her! Having two boys, I hadn't really gone through the "I'm terrified of everything" phase. Little Miss, however, is scared of everything from sirens outside to ants. No really, she actually couldn't go outside with her brothers today because there was an ant on the back door. I tried to help, but she is in "do it myself" mode too. So instead, she ran and got a chair, pulled it over to the fridge. (We keep a fly swatter between the fridge and wall.) By the time she had the chair put away and got back to the door... Huge GASP, "Oh mommy! It's gone!!!" It took some convincing for her to believe that the ant was not hiding, but had left and didn't want to eat her:) I won't tell you what she does when I have to vaccuum...

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