Monday, September 23, 2013

He's at it again...

"If you try to fight against a force like gravity, or say Mommy, you're not gonna win."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things Drama Boy Says

He's at it again... so yes, two posts right in a row...

Drama Boy: "Humans have these teeny tiny eggs inside of them, but they don't hatch until you get married or kiss someone."

Miss Sass: "Ooohhh! I get it!"

Me: "No. You really don't. But I love you."

Things Drama Boy Says

What the 1134 turn-over-the-calculator was that?!?!

Yes, he really said that. He is very creative, that one. He keeps me on my toes... Though with this one, the hubby and I were just laughing. There was very little discipline at the moment. Later in the day, I explained to him that cursing is one of those spirit-of-the-law kind of things. I'm still laughing about this one!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things Drama Boy Says

Drama Boy: "Daddy, can we go outside in the backyard and cut weeds with Mr. Cool's pocket knife?!"

Dad: "Um ........ No."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

When I Grow Up

The kids are busy with school and we are finally falling into a routine for this year. Things have been crazy at this house, but I think we are on the right track! ;)
Okay, now please mind the mess on Joshua's shirt. He made pancakes for everyone that morning and so he had a little bit of a mess going. He has had this idea that when he moves out and is on his own, he won't know what to do. So, he has insisted on learning every single recipe and day-to-day task until that day! Lol. I love it! 
The kids are getting ready for this big event at school called the Hat Day Parade! Every student makes a hat and they parade them in front of the whole school and parents. This year's theme is When I Grow Up. 
Michael has decided to go with HERO! - I think by this he means military man.
Joshua is going with either scientist or football player. LOL
Alexandra has settled on Author/Illustrator and has since written 5 little books. ;)
Now if I can just figure out what I want to be... 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Santa EVER!

This is our first year to go see Santa... and when the kids found out that Santa was their Papa, they were ecstatic! ;) Miss Sass was a little unsure at first. After all, the last time she saw Papa he was clean-shaven. ;)

She warmed up to him though... however she hid her smile from me, of course. ;)
So, these are all straight out of the camera so they are far from perfect! But I wanted to share, so here they are. ;) This next one was fun... sort of a behind the scenes shot.
Drama Boy was so fun. He just loves the Santa story and he loves Papa even more! ;)
I really need to get a new lens... one with auto focus!!!
Then it was Mr. Cool's turn. He thought the whole thing was a blast and just told Santa everything! Lol
I think my Daddy makes a pretty good Santa. ;)
How was your trip to see Santa?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Is Virtual School?

Okay, I wanted to do an update on this sooner, but life got so busy! ;) We will not be attending public schools this year after all... After advice from a few reliable sources and another assessment for Mr. Cool, we have decided that our kids will attend a virtual school this year. We have enjoyed the example lessons...

Our official 1st day will be August 30th, giving us more time to prepare. I'm excited about it and I think it will be a nice change from the homeschooling we were doing the last couple years. So, what exactly is virtual school? Our lessons are prepared and ready each day for each subject. We follow an over all lesson plan that helps us stay in line with the course material that they are supposed to learn over the year. We will have enough time left over each day to do some extra activities or additional lessons if we decide to. This will give us the opportunity to spend time on areas that need extra attention or to study things that are not covered in the state curriculum. This should be fun and I look forward to sharing some of our experiences! ;)
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