Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It takes less time if you fly!

Tonight after tumbling and jazz, the boys had about 15 minutes of light left. So they headed out to the backyard. 30 seconds later, Little Man (who is quickly becoming rather big!) runs back inside so excited he can hardly speak:) I love those moments! He explains that he tried to jump from the swing... he does that a lot... and his shirt got caught... a new one he just got from Papa last week, dang... He said this made him fly farther and he had to turn in the air. When he finally landed, he was in Jericho. Yep, that's what he said! Lol, the boys love playing historical city sinking in the sand. Yes, that is a game at our house:) Yesterday it was China, they built the great wall, which after quite a bit of rain, they decided was the great river of China. Lol, so creative. Well, apparently today, it was Jericho and that is right where Mr. Cool found himself after a "crazy thing happened on that swing!"

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