Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man!

So, my little guy is 5 today, well, yesterday:) He starts school this fall; I can barely believe it! They were all three so worn out at the end of the day... here's a pic of him washing off the remaining warpaint from the day and reading with sissy:) He was so adorable and we had a perfect day! Obviously, we did some fun stuff at home, including face paint! We drove around town a little bit (mommy had a few errands). He got a few special treats, his favorite drink and some cookies. Then the boys had dance where the kids all sang for him... so cute! Finally we made it back home where Daddy was waiting with a cake and a big birthday hug:) We all played duck, duck, goose and did a puzzle together. The puzzle was his present from us for today(he'll get another at his party on Saturday) It has a "space man" and it gloes in the dark ooooh! Lol, it was fun and the Birthday Boy was thrilled that Daddy got to be here for the cake and singing:) Oh, and almost as excited to learn he shares a birthday with Tony Romo. Lol. His little giggle when we read the names of those he shares the day with was so funny! But, of course, Romo was the highlight:) So, to two wonderful cowboys... happy birthday guys!

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  1. sounds like a wonderful Birthday...stopping by with some SITS love


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