Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rain, Rainbows, and Jesus!

A few days ago, Alex told me she is going to go on the rainbow. And she is going to ride the Good Ship Lollipop and go see Jesus. Lollipop is the song they are doing for their dance recital in her tap/ballet class, so she has a lot of stories about that right now...
Easter was great, aside from the buckets of rain. Lol, that's Kansas... We had the egg hunt at church yesterday and it was perfect weather, so I guess it all works out:) Pics are going to be a week late though. We didn't really get any great ones... but the kids were all so cute! Okay, so I don't have any pics right now, but I will add them soon!
Dan was explaining once again to the kids that the Easter Bunny is not real... Michael says, "Don't say that Daddy." So he tries to explain... Michael stops him and says, "I know he isn't real, but someone who thinks he is might hear you, so don't say so much, Daddy!" Lol, they are just so darn cute!


  1. LOL! I just found this blog of yours! you had me laughing all the time!

  2. My second daughter is afraid of the Easter bunny :)

    I laughed out loud after reading your first few sentences!
    ~ Wendy


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