Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Girls

I have a niece... well, you can read great stories about her here...

She is definitely a handfull and I'm afraid my little princess is following in V's footsteps:)

You know, my boys are most definitely boys. They make messes and play rough, but they mostly follow the rules. They stay within the invisible boundaries I set for them.

Little Miss is something else! Her desire to be independent grows exponentially each day. She is determined to do everything on her own. Yesterday I tried to help her get out of the shopping cart. Of course she struggled with me and I ended up catching her on the way down. Completely without fear, she was yelling to "put me down; I can do it myself!" before I had set her feet to the ground.

Well today she was getting a little snotty. She had climbed onto the table and refused to get down. So, as any good mother would do, I stuck my finger in front of her little nose and said "Get down now, or you will have a time out!" She looked at my eyes, then at my finger, and then licked it! Then proceeded to get down from the table. I know she did what I asked, but the whole thing felt like she was saying, "Well, I'll get down, not because you asked, but because I was getting down anyway... this thing is so over anyway, mom!"

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