Friday, May 8, 2009

Put your finger in my mouth!

Alex and Daddy are wrestling on the floor... They start a kissing war... who can get more kisses on the cheeks of the other:) Little Miss gets a little too giggly and puts her hands on Daddy's face to stop him. So, he grabbed her finger with his teeth. They start up again, Alex giggling even more insanely than before.

All the sudden, she stops.

"Daddy, put your finger in my mouth!" she demands.

"No, you'll bite me!"

"I won't bite you Daddy... see." (as she puts her own finger in her mouth as an example)

"OOOWWW!!! Daddy, that hurt!"

Lol, she blamed him for biting her own finger. Lol, so hilarious! You'd never know it from this beautiful smile just how onery she is:)

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