Sunday, May 10, 2009

I didn't hear it, I didn't see it, so it's NOT true!

We finally restocked our shelves/fridge/cabinets... everything was empty. Cooking was unbelievably difficult, but cleaning the fridge was incredibly easy:) The next day, the whole family is out and about. After a few errands and a good workout at the YMCA, we are headed home.
2 miles to go, and there it is... the sign! (the golden arches, you know!)
Three voices pipe up at once: "Oooh! Daddy, can we go to McDonald's?"
"I don't know, I'll think about it. We have one more stop before I decide."
Mr. Cool and Drama Boy in a low chant: "McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's..."
"Stop that."
"McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's..."
"I said stop!"
"McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's..."
"If you don't stop right now, we will most definitely NOT go!"


Drama Boy: "Daddy, I can still hear that word... but I'm not talking about it!"
"Stop talking about the word at all!"
Mr. Cool: "Okay, I'm not saying it either, but I can still hear it."
"That's enough, no more!"


"Can you still hear it? I still hear it. Daddy doesn't hear it, but we can!"

"Alright! That's it! We're not going. We asked you two to stop!"
"Aww, Daddy, that's mean! ... Man!"


"McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's..."

I turn around, impatient frustration exploding in my head which quickly melted into laughter as I notice Alex with her eyes shut tight and her hands over her ears. Barely above a whisper...
"McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's..."
She just might be able to wish it true!
"McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's..."

We didn't go... but she sure tried:)

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