Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow, hail, sleet, and ribs

Okay, so I sit down to write a new post and what is it about? ... Dinner, again. I promise this isn't intended to be a meal planning blog or something. It would have to be a what-not-to-do manual anyway. So, I made pork ribs. I didn't burn them, but my planning was off, so the sides were ready 30 minutes later... oops. DK(Drama King) is eating his ribs and licking them clean. I thought, "wow, he really likes it" So I told him he could flip it over and find more meat on the other side. He says he doesn't want to eat the bread (they weren't breaded). When I said that was meat too, he asked why it was so hard. To which the rest of the family replied, "because mommy cooked it" I tell you, they are just so darn loving and supportive!
It snowed today, and sleeted, and snowed, and hailed, and rumbled, and flashed, and then snowed some more. The kids thought it was fantastic, me... not so much. I was really excited for the warm weather. Well, it gave me the chance to put Miss Sass in one of her cute winter sets one last time(I hope the last time!) The unfortunate thing is that Mr. Cool is growing so fast, he's run out of long pants...

Well, I know I have you all on the edge of your seats with my crazy-exciting life, but I must go! Miss Sass is trying to attack Daddy with her new molars and it is 20 min. past bedtime...

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