Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Santa EVER!

This is our first year to go see Santa... and when the kids found out that Santa was their Papa, they were ecstatic! ;) Miss Sass was a little unsure at first. After all, the last time she saw Papa he was clean-shaven. ;)

She warmed up to him though... however she hid her smile from me, of course. ;)
So, these are all straight out of the camera so they are far from perfect! But I wanted to share, so here they are. ;) This next one was fun... sort of a behind the scenes shot.
Drama Boy was so fun. He just loves the Santa story and he loves Papa even more! ;)
I really need to get a new lens... one with auto focus!!!
Then it was Mr. Cool's turn. He thought the whole thing was a blast and just told Santa everything! Lol
I think my Daddy makes a pretty good Santa. ;)
How was your trip to see Santa?


  1. What great memories! Before her Papa passed away, T got two Christmases with her Papa playing Santa, and he was the best Santa ever!

  2. Thanks Brooke... that's wonderful that she got to have that!

    It was fun and I'm happy we have the photos to remember. ;)


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