Friday, August 6, 2010

More Bentos! Lunch or Snack

You all might be getting sick of these, but I am having a blast. ha! This one was really easy and the kids' favorite so far. The bottom layer contains rice and cucumber shapes with veggie-bobs. I made these rice shapes with cookie cutters by pressing sticky rice into the cutters while on a flat surface. You want to squish it as much as you can and I got pretty sticky myself. Rice molds are a much better idea, but I just don't have any yet! ;)
The veggies are tomato, avacado, and black olives. Yum!
The top layer was for fruit... Green grapes, mango, fugi apples, and bing cherries. Oh so good! ;)
Once again, I used parchment paper to divide the layers. I'll have to do a post that is just about my materials some time. And perhaps some of you can give me some ideas! ;)
I haven't really ever taken pics of food before and I have to admit it is pretty fun! ;) So, what do you think of my artistic photos?

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  1. I love the idea of sticky rice in shapes! My picky eater might even try that :)


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