Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bento Success! ;)

I have made a few lunches since my last post that the kids were pretty with, but this was the first that I actually liked the looks of. So, I took some pictures! ;)
We have celery sticks with peanut butter, craisans, & All Bran Cereal. (These were a huge hit with all three of the kids, and Miss Sass doesn't even like celery! ha) We also had 1/4 of a nectarine and a frozen strawberry.

I made a top layer in their box by cutting a piece of parchment paper (not too precisely, I might add) into a rectangle a little bigger than the box. Then you cut slits in the corners, going in an inch or so toward the middle. This allows it to fit quite nicely. ;) Right, so we have some avacado slices sprinkled with "Musical Jumping Beans" which are actually peppercorn medly, freshly cracked. If your kids watch Little Einstein, you'll know about the "beans"... I added a sweet butter pickle and a fun pick with a grape tomato and two green olives. I don't have any kid picks yet, so I used these footballs we had left over from our Super Bowl party that didn't happen last year. heh.

This definitely would not be enough food for Mr. Cool, so I gave each of them a second box with rice and left over chicken and veggies from last night's dinner. Over all the meal was a super success! The kids loved it and ate almost everything! Miss Sass has even started trying some of the things she wouldn't try before. Yay! ;)

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