Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Week To Be My Mom...

Well, this stuff actually happened last week, but I am just editing this post, so there ya go...

Several Days Ago:
My mom found out yesterday that she is diabetic, Type 2. Lots of diet/exercise planning and some medications and she will be on track to a healthy lifestyle. Not fun news, let me tell you! But at least it explains some mood swings and fatigue that have been plaguing her lately. ;)

My momma (step-mom) went into the hospital today... Appendicitis, no joke! Poor Momma has had some health issues as of late and she just deserves a break! She will be able to go home tonight, but has a ton of rest ahead of her!

My "adopted mom" (the kids' godmom) had a severe ear infection and is finally recovering. When I say severe, I really mean it! She had to get tubes in her ears... 1st adult the doc had ever performed the procedure on!

If you've ever felt I would make a wonderful daughter, I recommend dismissing the idea immediately!
Back to Real Time:
To top all this off Little Miss had a lung infection last week and now is running a fever. With only 1.5 days until her Bday party, I'm feeling really bad for her! Sometimes, you just wish you could take it all away!

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