Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zoo Day ... Pictures Galore!

The kids had a great day at Wet 'n Wild Days yesterday! We started off our adventure with two little guides leading the way...
We had an extra munchkin along for the ride. This is my squeezable nephew, Little Man. I promise he is not squished under all that stuff!
Little Man was the first to test the waters...
The other three kids quickly made their way into the largest puddle in the state, waving at the firefighters as they are drenched by the firehose! You can just pick out Mr. Cool standing right in the middle, blocking the spray with his arms.
Next we found a misting tent where Mr. Cool just couldn't resist splashing like he did when he was two! He loved this picture, so I just had to share! ;)
The kids got pretty worn out, so we headed for the door, but we found an awesome photo spot and stopped for a few more shots. I was thrilled because I finally got Drama Boy to hold still for a few clicks! heh
I really loved this one! Notice the bare feet, though? Yeah, we lost her shoes somewhere along the way! (sheesh, pay attention mama!) Thankfully a wonderful zoo employee found them and brought them all the way to the front for us. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers!
And finally there are these two shots! I love my creative kiddos!
They were so fun... if only I could get all four kids to look at the same time. yeah right ;)

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