Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time flies...

Been ages (okay a few weeks) since my last post and I felt like I was being neglectful. So, here you go:)
These pics are both from Father's Day. I wish I had taken another pic after the first, but didn't think about it at the time...

So, we went to this steakhouse with the inlaws for lunch. We were heading out to my dad's that afternoon for an early dinner, so I didn't order much. I got a sirloin and lobster meal to share with the kids. This...............

is what they brought out to us! Now, without another picture to compare, you may not see the problem, or maybe you do! I'm telling you that when they brought this thing out, everyone at the table could smell it! And it wasn't a good smell:( It was somewhat like an ashtray, or well, it was gross. The smell went away mostly after the nice girl put it on the table, but there was just no hope. I honestly think my lobster tail caught fire! It was horrible. I tried to at least taste it, but couldn't get the bite to my mouth without smelling it... YUCK!

The next time I saw our server, I called him over. "My lobster is a little ... dark." As he looked down his eyes flew open and nearly popped out of his head and his jaw dropped to his chest: "Oh my!" Then he literally RAN back to the kitchen! About 7 minutes later, he brought out a much more lobster-looking lobster tail and it was delicious:) A few minutes after that the manager came by to say he had taken it off my bill and to apologize in person. We also got a discount on our next visit. They handled it perfectly, but I still can't believe the girl(maybe a hostess?) brought it out to me and that the cook actually handed it to her! But, hey, how cool is that?! Someone else burns things too:)

After we left, I opened the doors in the Jeep to cool it off and Alex found this patch of perfectly soft and green grass to rest on... She was too cute:)

So, Happy Father's Day! (a week late)

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