Monday, June 1, 2009

Pirates and Princesses... My favorite kind of party!

The boys birthday party was several weeks ago... I was going through pictures looking for something for the iHeartFaces photo contest when I came across these and thought I would post some:)
We had a couple of pirate-type activities for the kids including a cannon ball fight. We had this canoe and a cardboard pirate ship which I somehow didn't get a clear shot of... The kids were in the canoe and the dads were in the ship. Lol, it was so fun! And the girls were so much help during the battle:)

Speaking of girls... Alex was supposed to be searching for a gold nugget(painted rock) to trade in for a treat bag, but she wouldn't touch the "dutty" sand. She did eventually find one with brother's help.

This guy was so stinkin' adorable!
Here are the boys and Miss Priss hunting for burried treasure... this was a favorite for the boys. Lol, anything messy!
Okay, this one makes me laugh:) Drama Boy is trying to open his big gift from Mommy and Alex doesn't feel like moving, so he just set it on her head. Lol, they are so cute!

And this one is my very favorite! For one thing, it shows just how much bigger Mr. Cool is than little brother. Then there's the adorable Webkinz Parrots that my sister got them. And their cute little poses/faces while they try to keep them on their shoulders! They were so adorable and had so much fun!


  1. Grass? when'd Dan find time to put in grass?

  2. Lol! Our backyard is kind of a weird shape and we don't have a porch in case of rain:) We had this party at the Sherb's!


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