Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 Week(felt like 1 Month) in review...

Okay, I'll just do a quick recap, in case you're wondering why I haven't posted:)

My mom graduated from Friend's University. Now she is not only qualified to completely develop and create a classroom's curriculum, assignments, tests, and computer programs that run all of it... she is officially a teacher with a music degree! She's the original Jane of All Trades:)

Then there was Mother's Day.... and well, you already know how that started:)

My nephew turned 1, had a super-cute, very blue birthday party!

My big sis moved to California with her fiance; they arrived at their new home yesterday.

"Aunt" Amy(the kids' Godmother) went into the hospital. She had a lump removed from her chest, under her ribcage on Wednesday and we are waiting for results from the biopsy. (Please pray for her recovery!)

The idler pulley wheel, something-or-other busted off of our Jeep causing it to freak out and overheat on Wednesday... yep, while I was driving it. We get it back Monday.

Alex and Mr. Cool got very sick, very quickly with suspected cases of meningitis. (Antibiotics cleared up whatever bacterial thing it was, so they are "all better now". Thank Goodness!

Mr. Cool turned 7! On to 2nd grade next year. (WOW!)

The new Tiger exhibit opened at our Zoo, so we just HAD to see it:)

And to top it all off, the season finale of Bones was terribly unsatisfying:) At least he's still alive, I guess...

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