Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work out... What?!

I used to love exercise... about 10 years ago! lol, hard to believe it has been so long since high school. I started having kids almost right away and just quit working out at all. I used to run most days, for fun. Now I might just consider it a death sentence. We renewed our membership to the YMCA. The last two years I mostly just took the kids swimming with me, not a lot of exercise, just lots of playing. I know I need to make time for both. So this time we bought the year package of daycare to go along with it, so I will feel really awful if I don't use it:) So, my goal is to go twice a week to start and then move up from there. Well, I have a couple months before swimsuit season, seems like the right timing? An encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

Okay, moving on... my next goal is to schedule my days better, do my blogging during the day, and actually sleep at night. You may think that sounds crazy, a mom who sleeps at night! I could be the first! Lol, really, I am so lucky to have kids who sleep all night, save potty breaks... but they go right back to bed. I really should be taking advantage of that!

Other than that my boring mom-life continues. The big adventure this week... we somehow lost three jackets. Michael left one at church, which thankfully we recovered earlier tonight. Joshua lost one at a bday party at Exploration Place, it was a really nice one from the Gap and the first time he had worn it, so I was pretty sad about that. And then last night Michael left his at tumbling. I am starting to think I should just let them freeze or duct tape the things to them so they can't take them off!

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